What do I need to bring?

We supply lures, flies, and leader material.  You can bring your own rods or we will provide rods. Drinks and lunch are provided on full day trips.  You will need to bring sunscreen, polarized sunglasses and hat.  You will also need an Arkansas Fishing License and Trout stamp found here:

What's the cancellation policy?

Full refund with 7 day cancellation.  Weather conditions and water conditions can definitely impact  our ability to fish.  If we don't think the conditions look like they are going to be favorable to having a great experience on the water then we will notify you a few days ahead of time and let you know you have the option to cancel.

Isn't night fishing dangerous?

Whether fishing from a boat in day time or night time, safety is always a primary concern.  I've been navigating the Little Red for over 25 years and I am very comfortable being on the river at night.

Experienced Anglers on the night fishing trips, how experienced?

For both fly fishing and spin fishing you need to be able to cast with ease and by feel.  On a typical night there is virtually no light on the river.

Why fish at night? What can I expect?

Brown trout feed at night, especially very large brown trout. Night fishing provides a great opportunity to catch a trophy fish.  We have also caught several large rainbows at night.  Night fishing does not produce the #'s of fish caught during the day, but the fish are much larger.

What other types of fishing do we guide for?

We also do trips for Smallmouth bass, Hybrid Striped bass, and Walleye. 

Smallmouth fishing on the lower White river from April-June.  Spin fishing only.

Our Hybrid fishing trips are on Greers Ferry lake and Lake Degray.  The season is March and April.  Walleye are caught during the same time.  We will have a waiting list during the peak of the Hybrid fishing.  If you've never caught a big Hybrid on a fly rod or spinning rod then you definitely will want to get on the list. 

Special pricing and details for these trips.  Please contact us if interested.

What forms of payment?

In order to keep our costs down, we are a cash only business. Booking deposits are taken through Paypal and full payment is cash.

Your Questions, Answered