About Us

Robert Nosari - Owner/Guide
Nancy Nosari - Owner/Operations

Nancy and I have lived on the Little Red River since 2005.  Before moving to Pangburn we spent most weekends fishing the Little Red, White or Norfork rivers.  Predominately the Little Red because it was closest to our home in Conway.  When our youngest son Ren was born Nancy quit work and we decided to make the move to Pangburn and have never looked back.  We've raised both Ren and our oldest Lyndon on the river and it's turned out to be one of the best moves we've made.

I was born and raised in Mountain Home, AR, home of the famous White and Norfork rivers.  I began spin fishing both rivers at around 8 years old and started fly fishing at age 12.  At that time there were not a lot of fly fisherman in Mtn. Home so I pretty much had to learn on my own until the Blue Ribbon Fly Shop opened.  When I wasn't fishing, I was in Blue Ribbon Flies spending my lawn mowing money and learning from one of the best, Dale Fulton.

In my late teens and early twenties I began spending a couple of weeks a summer fishing in Montana. I was extremely lucky that my grandparents had moved there during those years and lived directly on a trout stream. 

As my professional career progressed I used most of my vacation time traveling to different fishing destinations for both saltwater and freshwater species.  I've fished multiple times on some of the most famous rivers in the U.S. and Canada including the Big Horn, Green, San Juan, Madison, Bow River, and Depuys Spring Creek.  In my early 30's I began to expand my fly fishing knowledge by chasing Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit and Redfish in places like Belize, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Tampa Bay, the Keys, and south Louisiana.


Nancy has joined me on many of these trips and has become a superb fly fisherman also.  She also happens to be an awesome cook and runs all the operations at Arkansas Angling Adventures.

We would love to have you as our guests for a first class experience.

Tight Lines,

Robert and Nancy Nosari